Armonica Design

Armonica Utility Design is a new Italian Company producing professional articles for the affermation of your brands.

Officially born today, really we have existed for a long time, and we have condensed our experience in the products we sell: following a new road enhancing the experience and the values of the past.

We have united the three best skills to manage the realization of products in line with the times: a company that for forty years has been a point of reference in the trasformation of materials, brillant designers in search of winning ways and successful managers of the sector.

Armonica also offers in concert with the ideas and needs that you give us,the planning and the production of exclusive products; if you, then, are the creator of the object, Armonica is the partner for its realization.



An adeguate comunication permits the quality to come to the customer.
We want to relative your wines under a new light.
You continue to create wines that leave wordless.
Armonica thinks for all the rest.